Legend – $5,000+

Anonymous (1)
Carl and Emily Knobloch *
Emily Knobloch *
Bill and Kris Martin
Gilman Ordway
Rich and Sue Sugden


Band Member – $2,500 to $4,999

Anonymous (2)
Lynn and Foster Friess
Evelyn  Rosner
Stagecoach Bar, Inc.


Rancher – $1,000 to $2,499

Joe Albright and Marcia Kunstel
Anonymous (3)
Lou and Lori Appignani
John Becker
Karl Case
Christian Andersen Realty
Dean and Dietlinde Coleman
Peter and Jacque Cook
Peggy and Kirk Davenport
Peggye Enlow
Rod Everett
Bob Grady
Molly Hawks
Alan and Vicki Henderson * *
Alan and Berte Hirschfield
Jack Hooper
Connie Kemmerer*
Joffa and Bill Kerr
Scott and Carrie Kirkpatrick *
Liz Lockhart
Elizabeth McCabe
Susan McDowell
Bill and Gloria Newton * * *
Julie and Will Obering
Greg Prugh
Robert Schuster
Kevin and Alicia Shea
Horton and Julie Spitzer *
Stan and Barbara Trachtenberg
Linda Walter


Wrangler – $500 to $999

Jean Anderson and Pete Wales
Mark Barron and Ruth Ann Petroff
Belden and Pamela Daniels
John Edward Fox *
Genevieve Fairbrother and  Carlos Moreno
Carol and John Gonnella
Carter Gray
Larry and Janet Hiler
Jackson Hole Shrine Club
Charlotte Kidd
Tracy MacEachern
Chris and Shawn Meisl
Leslie Petersen and Hank Phibbs
David and Gloria Robinson
Alan and Ann Simpson

Marshall Randolph and Karen McLaughlin
Amy Unfried
Ann and Bob Volz
Philip and Diane Winder
Lori Zalbowitz and Laurent Roux


Dude – $250 to $499

Christian and Amy Andersen
Barlow Family
Betty Rock
John and Phyllis Cardis
Jerry and Barbara Carlson
Rob and Mamie Cheek
Ted and Addie Donnan
Cindee and Doug George
Eliot and Natalie Goss
Geoff and Tenessa Gottlieb
Paul Green
Heimo Hollbacher
John and Lisa Hooper
Kay and Bill Jones
Lightner Sams Foundation of  Wyoming
Kenny and Stephanie MacLean

Gail and Roseanne Magid
Bill and Edna Nash
Bill and Mary Neal
Jared Smith and Karen Daubert
Snake River Brewing
Jared and Stephanie Spackman
Thursday Roundtable *
Town Square Inns
Sharon Walls


Disco Nighter – up to $249

Emma Adkisson
Alpine House
Laurie Andrews
Giovannina Anthony
Mickey Babcock
John Bach
Eric Balog
Lori Bantekas
Dail Barbour
Linda Barnes
Denny and Sally Becker
Carter and Lisbeth Beise
Mori Bergmeyer
Brent Blue
Jim Bourgeois
Beverly Boynton
John Brady
Stacey Breidenstein
Tom and Haydie Callaghan
Jill Callahan
Christina Cartier
Valerie Conger
Barbara Conitz
Kirsten Corbett
Charlie Craighead
Katie Dahlgren
Devra Davis
Gayle and Dave Decker
Yves DesGouttes
Annette Despain
Erika Edmiston
Missy Falcey
Don and Mary Ellen Frank
Kelly French
Laurie Fukawa
Ryan Gillentine
Wayne Grim
Zach Hall and Julie Giacobassi
Larry and Kniffy Hamilton
Howard and Betty Hardeman
Putzi and John Harrington
Chuck and Barbara Herz
Tom and Halina Hickey
Bland and Liza Hoke
Clay Hoyt and Lisa Larson-Hoyt
Mercedes Huff
Amelia Hufsmith
Derrik Hufsmith and Margaret Grebe
Rebecca Huntington
Vince and Naomi Huntington
Wayne Johnson
Jean Jorgensen
James Joseph
Richard and Maria Kadison
Brian Kahin and Julie Royall
Mary Lou Klene
Bonnie Koeln
Don Kushner
Ted and Beedee Ladd
Allen and Kathleen Lauer
Tharon LeBlanc
Melody Lin
James Little
Spencer Long
Maura Longden
Susannah Lynch
Lokey Lytjen
Dave Mackwell
Mike and Carol Marshall
Eliza Mathieu
Leslie Mattson
Donna and Steve Pinto
Jackie Polzin
Ben and Anne Read
Karen Reinhart
Chuck and Nancy Resor
William Resor
Lisa Robertson
Amy Romaine
Wendy Rominger
Lisa Rullman
Shannon Ryan
Charlie Sands
Rose and Alvin Savage
Jonathan Schechter
Schmidt’s Custom Framing
John Sidle
John Simms
Sue Simpson Gallagher
Jerri and Robert Skinner
Audrey Sorensen
Ernie and Lisa Starcevic

Clarence “Stearnie” and Dodie Stearns
Rene Steichen
John and Lucy Stephenson
Susan Fleming Jewelry / Workshop
Helen Tennican
Patrick and Lynn Tennican
Kim Thompson
Amy Velte
Teresa Waterman
Donald Watkins
Brad Watsabaugh
Andrew Watson and Ann Neumann
Lucie Wellner
Norm and Susan West
Robert and Janet Whitmire
Loring Woodman
Nona Yehia


* A donor advised fund of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole
* * A contribution through Old Bill’s Fun Run (Community Foundation of Jackson Hole) and
a donor advised fund of the Greater St. Louis Community Foundation

* * * A contribution through Old Bill’s Fun Run (Community Foundation of Jackson Hole)